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 Male/ Female energy

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PostSubject: Male/ Female energy    Male/ Female energy  Icon_minitime1February 19th 2012, 11:41 am

These lessons are really very interesting, they've actually given me a lot of insight towards myself and how I approach certain situations so I thank you for sharing the knowledge, I have a question which sort of relates to the video and a bit to my personality, I remember the videos stating that we live in a world of polarity where we see things as either or, I agree with that but I also try to see the middle ground and think that we can be both as well, but aside from that when it comes to male and female energy, at certain times of the year one will be stronger than the other it's what we have coined as masculinity and femininity, I obviously know I have both sides in me, but generally I have a more feminine energy to me as well as that type of attitude. It's reflected in my clothes, how I carry myself and my overall attitude I feel like I am more spiritually connected at this time as well. When I am more masculine the same thing occurs but I am completely out of it and am not how I usually am, more irritated, frustrated ect. but it's not always a bad thing because I am more outgoing in this state and less shy. Why does this happen and is there any way that I can maintain both at an equal level and be "grey" so to speak in the polarity context? Is there no way to make these 2 sides of me work together although the feminine side isn't really a problem it's the masculine side which brings about tension in my life.
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PostSubject: Re: Male/ Female energy    Male/ Female energy  Icon_minitime1February 19th 2012, 11:56 am

Finding a balance between anything is usually difficult, I partially think it's part of the fun of it all and part of the path of finding truth. Sadly in this world things are never easy but luckily there are always ways to achieve what we desire!

When certain energies of ourselves become out of balance or more dominant it is because there is most likely a reason behind the imbalance, or something provoked those energies to pull through more. For example in this case the "female" energies I may experience might be stimulated within me from a moving piece of art, or a deep emotion that is causing me discomfort. Or perhaps a sickness or a frame of mind might cause more of these energies to surface. Variety of things can cause the imbalance of certain energies.

As for balancing or rebalancing there are a few things we can do. One I know you are getting well acquainted with crystals. Quartz generally are overall good balancers. Holding two pieces in both left and right hands equalizes energies throughout your body in meditation. Some specific stones like Selenite have natural "female" energies or obsidian "masculine". Wearing both stones for example should provide a good balance, especially when they are programmed to do those functions. Also I'd recommend Melody's Love is in the Earth. A kaleidoscope of crystals. A very good book at describing virtually every gemstone and crystal, although it isn't illustrated like Judy Hall's, but both combined are wonderous.

Some teas can also provide the same effects, to that end I would not know which are good for certain energies. A diet can play a important role in your energies as well, although I am unaware whether certain foods may or may not be feminine or masculine. But I do know for example Soy contains phytoestrogens which act like the hormone estrogen, making it a feminine plant I suppose.

Meditation and or channeling is a good way to rebalance energies, especially once you've grown very good at it then certain energies can be created or rerouted with great ease.

I hope that helped!

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Male/ Female energy
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