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 Spirit Science.

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PostSubject: Spirit Science.   February 15th 2012, 9:11 pm

Here I am posting a "Course" about general metaphysics that I very much approve of.

Lesson 1 Thoughts

Lesson 2 Chakras

Lesson 3 Channeling

Lesson 4 Male and Female Energies.

Lesson 5 Keys of our past.

Lesson 6 The Flower of Life.

Lesson 7 Dimensions.

Lesson 8 Meditation.

Lesson 9 Astral Projection.

Lesson 10 The Math of God.

Lesson 11 Evolution.

Lesson 12 The Human History movie.

Lesson 13-1 Crystals

Lesson 13-2 Crystal uses.

Lesson 13-3 Crystal types.

Lesson 13-4 Crystal FInale.

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Spirit Science.
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