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 Ranks and what they mean-Important

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Tatanial Kayhon
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Ranks and what they mean-Important Empty
PostSubject: Ranks and what they mean-Important   Ranks and what they mean-Important Icon_minitime1November 8th 2010, 5:41 am

Uninitiated- The newest member to the site.
KAIMANA- Kaimana is not a rank, but a rank grouping or mebership, it is the first group when one joins. By posting you move up in rank.

Level 1: Ara (Altar)- Ara is the beginning, your full membership to the site. You obtain this rank after posting your introduction.

Level 2: Neoma (New moon)- Neoma is for the active new member, who has made a minimum number of posts.

Level 3: Byrnie (Strong)- Byrnie is for those members who have made a minimum number of posts and is ready to become Ulani, a highly esteemed member of our community.

ULANI- Ulani is the Second Tier. Ulani is composed of Higher active members members who wish to take an active role is making our home a better and safer place.

Level 1: Acantha (Thorn) Those of Acantha have made a minimum number of posts and have an opportunity to apply to the Council of Aid(our moderators)

To become a Council of Aid member, you must make a detailed post about why you have come to Magick Entwined and why you love it here,as well as how you would like to help the site as more then just a contributing member.

Level 2: Pyralis (Fire)- Those of Pyralis are members of the Council of Aid, who watch over the site and it's members.

Level 3: Algoma (Valley of Flowers)- Those of Algoma are Leaders of the Council of Aid, as well as highly regarded members who want to make a difference, and help the community. Obtaining this rank is the best way to be considered for the Council of Elders. To obtain Algoma, you must apply by writing to the Aghama about why you would be right for a leadership position. Please be detailed and heartfelt.

NAHIR-NURI- Nahir-Nuri is for the Elders council Specifically

Level 1: Efrata (Distinguished)

Level 2: Aislinn (Vision)

Level 3: Cleatha (Glory)

Aghama- The founder the Magick Entwined. Only the Founder Holds the Title of Aghama.

Tigron- The Tigron is the Co-Founder of the Magick Entwined, as well as the Aghama's second in command.

The Rank and Group names where not created by me, but by the Wonderful writings of Author Storm Constatine, Author of the Wraeththu Trilogy..

/Signed: Tatanial Kayhon, Tigron of Magick Entwined Supreme Magi of the Board of Magickal Studies
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Ranks and what they mean-Important
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