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 Ally Application

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Tatanial Kayhon
Tatanial Kayhon

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Ally Application Empty
PostSubject: Ally Application   Ally Application Icon_minitime1October 25th 2010, 7:07 pm

So you wish to become a Ally to Magick Entwined. WONDERFUL! SO here's what being an ally is all about: Once Accepted, you will provide us with a Banner, and we shall do the same, we will post it on our Ally Section of our portal page where all can see, and you would put our in a place where others come by often to. Members are free to join either or site, without repercussions for either site, as well as you join our help and protection, as we would wish the same from you.

APPLICATION-Please copy and Paste and create your own Topic, Titled "(Enter your site name here)-Application"

Site Name:

Site Link:

Founder of Site:

If Founder no longer leads Site, Who is Leader:

If the Question above was answered, why is the Founder no longer Leader:

Do you have permission to act as Ambassador from your website, to ours(If no, please discontinue and send someone with permission to act on the sites behalf):

Purpose of your Website:

How many Members does your website hold:

How many active Members does your Website hold:

We do not tolerate spamming here, do you:

Thank you for considering becoming a Ally with us, we will get back to you ASAP with our decision.
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Ally Application
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